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Places to see in Thanjavur Trichy

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    Best time to Visit Thanjavur Trichy: Aug

    Category : History/heritage: History & Heritage,Culture & Festival
    Leisure: Leisure,Family Holiday

    Duration(days) : 1 Days


    Thanjavur in the city of trichy boasts a reputation of prime hotspot for pilgrimages as well as thousand of tourists year in and year out.


    The most visited landmark in the town of Thanjavur is the Brahadeshwara Temple, built in the 11th century AD by Raja Raja Chola-I, the distinguished medieval Chola King. Declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1987, the Hindu God Shiva is the deity worshipped in the Brahadeshwara Temple.


    Mainly Chola temples are located in Thanjavur and have come under UNESCO world heritage site.


    Thanjavur Maratha palace is another famous tourist attraction in Thanjavur elucidating the vibrant form of Maratha empire in South.

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    Maratha Palace

    Entry Fees :₹ 0 Time To Visit :Monday- Saturday 10AM-5PM

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      How to reach Thanjavur from Bangalore

      By Train
      There is/are 2 direct train(s) from Bangalore to Thanjavur-  Mailaduturai Exp (16232) and Velankanni Exp (17315) 

      By Flight
      Nearest airport to Thanjavur is at Madurai. 

      By Bus
      There are direct buses from Bangalore to Thanjavur. Travelling distance is 7 hours