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Places to see in Chikballapur

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    Best time to Visit Chikballapur: Whole Year

    Category : Adventure: Hiking
    : Road Trips

    Duration(days) : 1 Days


    Famous for: - This town is famous for its gold and silver trade and for its incense industry

    Things to do here

    • Nandi hills:- One of the premiere locations of chikballapur, It takes about 7 km more to reach the top of the hill from the base. It is located about 10 kms south of Chikballapur off the state highway 74. Situated 24 kms from city center 
    • The Ranganatha Swamy temple:- This is a beautifully designed temple with a brilliantly carved stone statue of Vishnu. It is situated 5km down Chikballapur towards the Gauribidanur village. There are scriptures written in original Vijaynagar way on a black stone in this temple. It is 17 kms from city center 
    • Vivekanand falls:- Located 17 kms from city.This is a beautiful waterfall, Situated 12kms from the Chikaballapur in a village called Kethenahalli,The best part is From the village, it is a 1km walk to the falls and no vehicles go there
    • Muddenahalli:- 35 kms from city center is the home town of the architect of modern Karnataka Sri M.Visveswaraya. The house of this genius is converted to a museum. It is located just a few kilometres from Nandi Hills.
    • Trekking: The other hills are Nandi Giri, Chandra Giri, Indra Giri, Brahma Giri, Kalavara hill, and Hema Giri etc which offers many sites for trekking, located 15 km away from the city centre


    Dominated by south Indian delicacies, the local cuisine mainly includes coconut or rice. Foods like idli, vada, dosa, sambhar, filter coffee, fresh fruits, tender coconut are also available in plenty

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    Vivekanand falls

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      Located about 57km from Bangalore It is an important port link in North Bangalore Chikballapura town is in the Chikballapura district, and is an educational hub. The National Highway 7 passes through this district and also serves as its main road. Bhoga Nandeehwara, Nandi Hills, Vivekananda Waterfalls and Yoga Nandesshwara temples are some of the popular places here providing opportunities of sight-seeing, rock climbing and exploring natural as well as man-made attractions.