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Places to see in Bursa

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    Best time to Visit Bursa: May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep

    Category : Adventure: Adventure.,Skiing

    Duration(days) : 1 Days

    Address : Bursa, Turkey


    Bursa is the former Ottoman Capital. It is also refered as Green Bursa, as it is filled with beautiful parks and gardens. 

    Bursa is spread across the slopes of Uluda? mountain (aka Mount Olympus). Bursa's major sight seeing places are in five separate districts, plus the mountain summit.

    It is popularly visited through One day Bursa Tour from Istanbul.

    Shopping is good in Bursa's Covered Bazaar and several others at the center of the city next to the Ulu Cami.
    Silk, particularly silk scarves, are a specialty of this place.

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    Bursa day tour / Green Bursa

    Entry Fees :₹ Time To Visit :08:00 - 23:00

    Bursa is popularly visited through One day Bursa Tour starting from 08:00 - 23:00. The highlights of the tour are Cable Car ride to Uludag, Barbeque Lunch, visit to Ulucami (Grand Mosque), the Green Mosque and the Green Mausoleum, the old Silk Market in the Covered Bazaar. One needs to take a ferry ride from Eskihisar port to reach Bursa
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      Uludag mountain / Mount Uluda? / Mount Olympus

      Entry Fees :₹ Time To Visit :

      Uludag mountain is the famous for activities like Skiing, teleskii in Turkey. This adventure destination is popularly covered in One day Bursa Tour. The ski resort of Mount Uluda? towers over the mountain. The mountain was called the Mysian Olympus by the Romans who lived there before. teleferik (cable car)
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        Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque)

        Entry Fees :₹ Time To Visit :

        Ulu Cami is the largest mosque in Bursa. It is a large and rectangular building, with a total of twenty domes that are arranged in four rows of five, and are supported by 12 columns.
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          Çekirge Hot Springs / Bursa thermal baths

          Entry Fees :₹ Time To Visit :

          Bursa also has many thermal baths. It is known for its hot mineral waters.
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            By Ferry
            One needs to take a ferry ride from Eskihisar port to reach Bursa.

            By Seaplane
            Seaplane flights one or both ways between Istanbul's Golden Horn and Bursa's Gemlik port can substantially reduce your travel time, though at added expense. 

            By Air
            You can fly from Istanbul to Bursa. (Yeni?ehir Airport)

            By Road
            There are no trains, and taking a bus all the way around the Sea of Marmara takes hours through heavy traffic.
            Buses from Istanbul take at least 3 hours to reach Bursa but the trip can take over 4 depending on the traffic and cost about 20 TL