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My Australian holiday

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A Great country with multicultural diversity, well you can see lot variety mix   like European ,Asian and not to forget about  indigenous Australians referred as Aborigines , first immigrants to Australia dating many century ago . I was mesmerized about the culture, art and belief they carried. if you are lucky enough you can find some street music  with unique  instrument  called didgeridoo,  I got literally  carried away by  captivating  unusual sound. Their Art is entirely different from regular nevertheless very fascinating must visit Art Gallery in Sydney. I factually spent almost a day in gallery. 


Darling Harbor 

Darling harbor  is an ideal  place to hang around .my sister had invited couple of her friends  we all ended up in an Italian restaurant for lunch .it’s quite an amazing place to party out , surrounded by beautiful restaurants. Huge bay to walk around and walkable distance to the Sydney aquarium. Definitely place for sea lovers ,be it adults or children’s and very closer view to  sea life from glass tunnels one can see  variety  of underwater  species  like sharks, octopuses, dugongs, turtles  etc. For very first time have seen penguins in real and was totally surprised to see their size as I had always imagined penguins are bigger creature.

Another pleasant place came across was Chinese garden of friendship, beautiful landscape with theme, handpicked tree, plants and miniature mountain. Manmade marvel ponds with connecting small bridge feel serene. Exquisite Chinese pavilions with connecting   Path way around the garden are very soothing for any Strollers.

Queen Victoria building is very iconic and spectacular monument turned to be splendid shopping mall with restored Beautiful stained glass ,old fashioned metal stairs  and  also  the display of Great Australian Clock  was  very mighty ,well designed and functional . 

Most awaiting place and always been looking forward to visit was Sydney opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge. As these both landmarks were representing Australia .Majestic architecture of opera house worthwhile to visit .Glad we visited on right time during sunset it was truly romantic.  It can’t be anything more fabulous than watching glorified illuminating lotus petal monument from restaurants while dinning. There were plenty of enjoyable restaurants around. Also I found good time to see night life in city as well.