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Misty Munnar A Refreshing Weekend Getaway

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This is not my first backpacking “planned” trip away from bustling crowded namma Bengaluru but this time the word “planned” was missing and hence the adventure was at its peak.

Priyam again turned out to be a savior in this random trip and finally we boiled down to head to Munnar on a long weekend. After deciding on the place, problem was to find a good stay at Munnar during long weekend and again Navigers team was there to help us and they booked Estate residency at Munnar for us. Accompanied by friends from last trip to hampi, Manzil and Ankit also joined the party. Just to mention, Manzil started her journey from hyderbad to Munnar via Bengaluru. (Kitni velli h ye) helped us in providing the cab at best prices and that too during peak demand season.

So the fun begins……

Started the journey on 26th early morning around 2am with AUX equipped cab, manzil carrying UNO cards, priyam with his acoustic guitar, ankit with his poker chips and obviously me to bakar around.

Singing, sleeping, playing, eating and repeating the same again, We first landed at grapevine yard Munnar on 26th morning 9am.

I have never seen before such huge quantity of free grapes, hanging at no cost, infront of my eyes and how can I miss the opportunity to grab few.

As we were approaching close to Munnar, roads seem to be unfriendly and treacherous. Every mile, there is a construction with narrow roads and blockheads.

10 hrs of seemingly smooth journey turned to 14 hrs hours of long tiring drive, but the hotel stay made our day worth spending with scenic view from my room.

Being dead hungry, we decided to munch at some goodrestaurant and that’s how we landed at forestglade.

We played poker, played guitar with songs(some mind blowing voices :P) and had some refreshing non alcoholic wine to conclude our day.

Next day, early morning.. Ahh gosh.. I still remember… it took mammoth efforts to dislodge these guys from the bed, but somehow all got ready in 1 hr and we started off our journey to Mattupetty Dam and Tea Museum.

Full road blocks due to long weekend, we decided to walk half a mile to reach matupetty dam and finally tried our hands on pedal boat.

After lunch at 3pm, driving way back to see Tea Museum and really bewildered to see the fermentation, drying and packaging happening on such a large scale at TATA tea museum.After reaching hotel at 5pm, but something keeps us buzzing and that was to see the traditional Indian martial arts show- PUNARJANI. I would say that 1 hour show was the showstopper of the trip, with some jaw dropping martial arts presentation by local boys and at the end of the show we dint miss the chance to take few clicks with skilled martial arts guys.

Again concluded our day with sumptuous dinner and with guitar being played by our music maestro priyam.

Last day we headed to Eravikulam national park, Lakkam waterfalls and finally drove back to Namma Bengaluru.

Yes, we do took munnar chips, home made chocolates for our hungry Bengaluru friends :)